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In the time of sound-bites, hashtags and all things from iPods to chocolates being ‘fun size’, the growing cultural trend tends to demand succinct streamlined living. Not surprisingly, our biggest purchase of all, our land and our homes, has followed this shift. So what’s driving the move to this smaller smart lot lifestyle?
With Warralily Boulevard on track to link Barwon Heads Road and Torquay Highway at the end of the year, residents of Warralily will have quick access to both Barwon Heads and Torquay. So where should you spend your downtime, Barwon Heads or Torquay? Let’s have a look into what the surf coast towns have to offer.
Last year
This week we caught up with Matthew Fleischmann -Senior Development Manager for Warralily. Matt has been with the project since 2011 and a number of our residents would be familiar with Matt as he and his team work within the estate at the Barwon Heads Road office.
With over 30% of Warralily buyers arriving from the Melbourne region and choosing Warralily as their preferred place to live, one has to consider, what is driving this trend and why Warralily.
At Warralily, one of the key Community Development strategies has been to from a functioning Community Residents Group.  The purpose of the Warralily Residents Group is to develop a shared "community vision" .This is crucial to build community ownership and long term sustainable community projects.