How To Buy

The first decision any home buyer has to make is whether to buy an established house or build a new home of their own. If you choose to build it can be a smart lifestyle move and also a wise investment in your future.

Building your own home offers something that no other property purchase can. Building new means starting with a blank canvas. It means you can get a home that's just right for the way you and your family want to live, and then add your own style and character. At Warralily we understand this is both an exciting and daunting experience. There are two ways to buying your new home at Warralily.

Buy block of land and build.

This is the most flexible option, where you choose your own builder and design. You can choose one of our display homes or any builder of your choice. Every part of the design and build process is up to you, which is fantastic if you have clear ideas of what you would like.

Buy a house and land package.

Here, a builder has already secured the land and prepared a home design that's suited specifically to that block. You can generally change finishes inside and out, but not the floor plan. This helps reduce the seemingly endless decisions involved in designing a home

Government Grants and Bonuses

There are a number of government grants and bonuses on offer for people buying and building a new home. You may be eligible for one of the following"


The First Home Owner Grant is available to first home buyers and if eligible from the 1st July 2021, you can receive a payment of $10,000. To check your eligibility visit the State Revenue Office website. First home buyers may also be eligible for a duty reduction when they purchase a new home.

If you are a pensioner you may be eligible for a duty concession or exemption. To find out whether you are eligible to receive a duty reduction or exemption visit the State Revenue Office website.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission runs the Money Smart initiative that provides information designed to help people make more informed financial decisions and make the most of your money.


Have you done your due diligence? This checklist a great starting point for all people looking to buy a home or block of land.

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