Warralily Way of Life

Warralily is located right where the vibrant city of Geelong meets all the relaxed pleasures of the Surf Coast. Create and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle in a place that’s rich with all the facilities you need. Schools and shopping, playgrounds and sporting facilities are set in a stunning landscape of wide-open spaces and natural beauty. Blue skies are calling you to a new way of living....
A number of our previous blogs have touched on Warralily Residents Group and Armstrong Creek- Geelong's Best Kept Secret
Which leads us to today’s topic, regarding a fantastic initiative driven by our Residents Group – The Warralily Discovery Trail, which has Armstrong Creek and surrounds as its focal point.
In the time of sound-bites, hashtags and all things from iPods to chocolates being ‘fun size’, the growing cultural trend tends to demand succinct streamlined living. Not surprisingly, our biggest purchase of all, our land and our homes, has followed this shift. So what’s driving the move to this smaller smart lot lifestyle?
With Warralily Boulevard on track to link Barwon Heads Road and Torquay Highway at the end of the year, residents of Warralily will have quick access to both Barwon Heads and Torquay. So where should you spend your downtime, Barwon Heads or Torquay? Let’s have a look into what the surf coast towns have to offer.