Chat with Matt

When: Mon 15 Aug 2016
Chat with Matt


What is a Senior Development Manager’s Role?
The role of a Senior Development Manager is to look after a project from its initial planning phase and then ensuring the masterplan is delivered through to the final block of land. Some of these tasks would include overseeing acquisitions of land, reviewing what can be developed, planning & design, management of consultants and contractors, marketing, sales and civil delivery over the life of the project.

What are you most proud of?
Being able to drive his children through Warralily to show them what he has been working on for the last 5 years, the sheer scale of progress is mind boggling.
There have been numerous highlights over the years:
  • The rejuvenation and beautification of Armstrong Creek recently winning the Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design from Stormwater Victoria and being the first certified Envirodevelopment in Armstrong Creek
  • Reaching our 4000th resident milestone
  • The abundance of developed green space
  • And our upcoming non-residential sections of the development. These include the current construction of the final connecting stages of Warralily Boulevard and Warralily Village including the shopping centre and Armstrong Creek primary and special needs schools.  
What has been the most difficult issue that has been resolved?
From a design point of view, the upcoming Horshoebend / Warralily Blvd intersection works. These have taken over 6 months of detailed planning and consultation with the City of Greater Geelong, Vic Roads and numerous stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for traffic flows, community safety and environment. Now that this has been finalised we are now ready to progress to construction in the next few weeks.

What exciting things are coming at Warralily?
Along with the commercial construction of Warralily Village (civil works are well underway) to start in the next several months, civil works are underway on the school campus for Armstrong Creek primary and special needs school. Warralily Blvd is also due to be connected by the end of year. The new Warralily Display Village will open at the end of the year along with 5 hectares of parkland including 

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Let's get to know the sales team at Warralily.
Let's get to know the sales team at Warralily.