The Growing Smart Lot Trend

When: Wed 24 Aug 2016
The Growing Smart Lot Trend


Easy living

The simple equation of ‘less area = less maintenance = more me time’ is very appealing for most. More Life is one of the key drivers behind small or smart home living. While home will always be the anchor for most there is a desire to be spending our down time rewarding ourselves and getting out and about and enjoying ourselves.  When breakfast is reduced to a juice box sized milk smoothie or superfood green shake do you want to spend valuable downtime weeding?       

Floor plans

Servicing the demand for modernized living, builders now have entire ‘off the shelf’ floorplan ranges masterfully suited to smart lots. These concise neat plans reduce clutter, saying goodbye to entryway benches or bespoke bedroom armoires. Seeing their replacement is WIR’s, garage door entry to the home, study nooks and wall-to-wall living maximised in the space.    

Lifestyle change

The modern family of this century has no defined cookie cutter formula. Whether your homestead holds empty nesters, single parents or a professional couple there is no denying that as the modern Australian family changes so does the desire for a space that suits that particular lifestyle. Smaller family units desire smarter living and less unnecessary space.  
As an introduction to economics we can learn a smaller amount will cost less. Price can often be the decision maker behind what we buy. A modest house plan and smaller lot can be the difference for a first home buyer entering the market, upgrading to luxury finishes or a retiree living out life mortgage free.

More estate parks

The smaller home mantra advocating smaller spaces starts in the yard. Being a high maintenance area with weeding and mowing, smart lots accommodate an alfresco and maybe a quant herb garden which satisfies most green thumbs these days. Within Warralily’s master plan reserves and parkland are of abundance. 82 hectares of open space are peppered with walking tracks, fitness stations, playgrounds and ovals holding those seeking outdoor leisure beyond content.
The “smart home big life” mantra and the increasing popularity of smart lots at Armstrong Creek is testament to the allure of smart lots and demonstrates the many benefits this housing option offers. Not least of all is the diversification of buyers it brings culminating in a strong community mix. This coupled with future proof estate planning at Warralily via the delivery of ample parkland and reserve space means no need to sacrifice lifestyle when living smartly on a smaller scale home block of land.

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