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When: Wed 03 Aug 2016
Warralily Residents Group


“One of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people”. - Jean Vanier
Community Development is an organic process that encompasses many steps with an end goal of bringing people together to develop a shared vision. The most significant feature that distinguishes community development from other community work is its values and principles.
Community Development strategies help to:
  • Have a continual conversation with the community to build relationships over time
  • Harness community positivity 
  • Create a vibrant, strong, healthy community -where people choose to live
At Warralily, one of the key Community Development strategies has been to from a functioning Community Residents Group.  The purpose of the Warralily Residents Group is to develop a shared "community vision" .This is crucial to build community ownership and long term sustainable community projects.
The first annual community survey was conducted in Oct 2013 to ensure the group reflected the aspirations of the whole community. Each year the Warralily Residents group work with Warralily Community Development Officer Kylie Pollock to develop a plan of community events and activities based on results from this survey. These programs are supported by the developer through funding and promotion and Kylie works with the group to improve their skills in event management, recruiting volunteers and gaining sponsorship to help these events to become sustainable in the long term.
Major projects to come out of the annual survey include:  
Smaller projects include:
  • Community planting day
  • Sustainability projects and info sessions
  • First aid classes
  • School holidays activities
  • Garage sale trail
  • Keep Cups
  • Community Treasure Hunt
There are now over 20 regular activities from Yoga, Dancing and playgroups and are often displayed within a ‘Calendar of events’ and advertised on the Community Notice Boards.
Community Development Goals for this year: keep regular events and activities growing and improving, connect the community when Warralily Blvd goes through, Encourage more residents to join and become active in the Community Residents Group, Ensuring the community are represented in planning for the community hub development.
Community development is a process where community members come together to identify their own aspirations and work together to achieve those aspirations. It has the potential to build connections amongst people and increase people’s health and wellbeing.
You are invited to participate in the Warralily Community Residents Group.
The Warralily Community Residents Group meet once a month from 9.30 on Saturday mornings.
Dates for 2016 are:
When                    Where
August 13th        W Lounge
Sept 10th             Coast Community House
Oct 8th                 W Lounge
Nov 12th              Coast Community House
For more information please contact Warralily Community Development Officer, Kylie Pollock. 
P: 0419 629 918            E: kyliepollock@warralily.com.au

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