Tell Us About Yourself - Braiden Clardey

When: Tue 26 Feb 2019
Tell Us About Yourself - Braiden Clardey


I live with my beautiful lady Sally and our adventurous son Quillian (who gets more-full on by the day haha) in Geelong. Before this I was in retail management selling suits and other garments.

I’m always going through different phases. I have done many things like television acting work, theatre productions, professional fighting (Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA), I love playing the guitar and I love buying and selling properties.

Where have you worked before Warralily?

My previous couple of jobs were as mentioned above are vast, When I was 14 I was working in the theatre and television business #child star, then when I was 16 I was working at the local supermarket in the fruit and veg section, then I began fighting as an amateur, then teaching martial arts, then when I turned 17 I began my professional fighting career, after this I studied to be a personal trainer but ended up working as a machine operator doing shift work making cheese! I then moved to Geelong where I met my lovely partner Sally and worked 3 days a week at a retail store and 4 days a week managing at a local nursery as a barista in a coffee van. I then went full time at the Retail store. I then decided to do a course in real estate and now here we are!!!

What do you love about working at Warralily?

I love the team, and the adventure of every new day. I love helping and being apart of people finding their future residence or even helping them make the best possible decision from an investors point of view. We get to do Vlogs and we work for one of the best developers in the world. A team who has your back, leadership that is second to none, goals that are achievable but also help you aim higher, lovely people who live in the area and just a fantastic vibe all around…. What’s not to love!

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