How To Build A Healthy Home With Natural Products.

When: Tue 19 Mar 2019
How To Build A Healthy Home With Natural Products.


The first couple of weeks you come home smiling, everything is in the perfect position not a single thread out of place. Then within time the dust starts to settle, dirt marks start to appear on the floor and your ‘little angel’ has made an original piece of artwork on the sliding doors with jam and squished bread. 

Grrrr!!!! It’s the moment those dreaded words pop up in your head ‘Got to clean the house’!  I’m sure the first response is to grab the most toxic cleaning product you could find.  However, just in case your 4 year old, decides to alter that artwork he/she created why not use a natural product with a bit of elbow grease.  So here are some handy tips, some you may be familiar with:

Tip 1. Lemons.  Lemons seem to be the main ingredient to dissolving soap scum and eliminating odours around the home.  Preserving lemon rind with distilled water and vinegar (for around 2 weeks) is a perfect cleaning solution to use in the bathroom or the kitchen.  Squeezing lemon juice into a jug of water and leaving the lemon rinds and heating it up in a microwave will loosen all the scum and food particles splatted all over.  Also, mixing equal parts of lemon juice and salt makes a great paste to scrub mould away. The citric acid works wonders and eliminates odour and breaks down dirt in all areas of the home.  Worse case scenario you can always use your spare lemons for that sneaky cocktail!

Tip 2. Newspapers. It’s a lazy Saturday, you have just sat down with your coffee and paper, reading away when you turn around and see that master piece your little Picasso has created! Mix, half a litre of water together with a quarter of a cup of vinegar and a touch of dishwashing soap together and spray over the million dollar painting that you are about to destroy! With a little elbow grease use the left over newspaper that you decided not to read and wash away. The newspaper has dense fibres which make an effective way to clean.  But before starting, do a little test run with the paper, if you have no ink stains on your hands it’s safe to use.

Tip 3.  Vinegar. Growing up, vinegar just reminds me of pickled cabbage.  The smell just drove me crazy! But who knew it turns out it’s a great natural disinfectant cleaning product!  I must admit mopping is my most despised chore. If I can, I will avoid it at all costs. It is always best to sweep or vacuum the excess dirt on the floor prior to mopping. Generally, the formula is half of cup of white vinegar to three and half litres of warm water.  As vinegar hasn’t got the most desirable odour you could always add an essential oil or a squeeze of citrus.  The odour will disappear once dry.  Vinegar is very versatile substance and can be used on a variety of surfaces to destroy the grime.

Lemons, vinegar, newspapers, salt and baking soda are all natural ways of keeping your home toxic free.  All cut through grime, unclog drains and kill off bacteria. Friendly to the environment and your family. Your new home will have the fresh aura about it! Also, the next time you catch your little one creating another canvas and they decided to lick the jam off the ‘painting’ you will feel at ease that they aren’t consuming anything toxic!

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