Getting to know Stuart Doak

When: Thu 30 Nov 2017
Getting to know Stuart Doak


Tell us about Yourself

My name is Stuart Doak and I started with the sales team at Warralily in December last year.
I am a Geelong local and love to take my daughter and dog for walks on the beach. I live in the Estate with my wife, daughter and pooch!
Where have you worked before Warralily?

I started my working life at Bob Jane T-mart on fyans street in Geelong (loved that job!) then moving into hospitality at the old “Club Cats” at the GFC. Whilst working in this Industry I decided to travel the world working at various venues throughout the UK, Ireland & Greece.
More recently, I have just finished working in the Mining Industry over in WA.
What do you love about working at Warralily?

Not only do I work for Warralily, I live here also. So, the distance to work for me is a big plus!!
I enjoy helping people find the right block that suits their individual needs, i.e. Block orientation, some people forget about how the sun can affect your living habits. If you are going to be entertaining in the rear yard, a north facing rear yard is ideal for keeping your entertainment area in the sunlight for example.

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Let's get to know the sales team at Warralily.
Let's get to know the sales team at Warralily. 
Let's get to know the sales team at Warralily.