Warralily Discovery Trail

When: Wed 14 Sep 2016
Warralily Discovery Trail


With the excess of screen time most children enjoy today, the Discovery Trail is seen as an ideal tool to encourage families to get out and explore Armstrong Creek, Stewarts Reserve and the numerous pockets of parkland nestled throughout Warralily.

Why Get Active?
“Physical activity, exploring and getting dirty are vital for growth and development and lays the development for a healthy and active lifestyle”
“There is never inappropriate weather - just inappropriate clothing” (Warralily Discovery Trail Map 2016)

Sometimes we search for the perfect day for an outside activity, if it’s too cold, too hot, and too windy or raining, we make excuses NOT to spend time outdoors. What we need to instil in our children is a love of being outside, no matter the conditions. We need to create a thirst for adventure and exploration, so that physical activity - with the assistance of the Discovery Trail Map - is a normal part of a family’s day, not spending hours watching Kids TV or glued to your smart device playing Angry birds.

The beauty of Warralily is as the estate keeps growing, so will the Discovery Trail. With the addition of the upcoming “Creekside Park” opening later this year and a new regional playground opposite the new Warralily display village opening in the new year, this exciting addition to the Trail will add opportunities for kids to shoot some hoops, whether that’s basketball or netball, spaces to the sit and enjoy the view, or take a ride on the Promenade flying fox.

The activities and amenities are split in 4 specific age groups; so please click here to download the Map to discover what your families’ next adventure could be.

Happy Trailing

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