Turning your home office into a haven

When: Wed 27 Apr 2016
Turning your home office into a haven


Here are just a few simple things to think about when it comes time to decorating your own home office.
Don’t compromise on colour - Unless your home office doubles as the guest room, there’s no need to think ‘safe’ when it comes to your colour scheme. The office is one place where you need to feel energised and inspired, so whether you decide to make it bold, quiet, loud or peaceful, just make sure to choose a colour that makes you happy. Check out this amazing Pinterest collection to get your ideas flowing.
The all-important in-tray - We know our iPhones are meant to be managing all the lists and bill payments for us these days, but somehow those pesky paper-based jobs keep piling up. Having an in-tray that you’re actually motivated to use will definitely streamline your home admin. Splash out on a bright colour - or if that’s not your style, perhaps a vintage wooden look - to make the jobs the in-tray holds that little bit easier to approach.  
Make a home for your ideas - A cork board is the classic example of what we use to display our favourite photos, cards and other memories, but lately we’ve noticed a trend towards something a little more whimsical - check out the mini-peg and clothesline (here’s example from Typo) for a fun, flexible way to create a collection that keeps you feeling motivated.
Bring nature indoors - Whether it’s a shell, a beautiful piece of driftwood or even a dried starfish or two, it wouldn’t be a Warralily house without a touch of the ocean. We love these ideas from Apartment Geek, but your choice of beach decor will be a reflection of your own trips to the many beaches you’ll find just a short drive from Armstrong Creek.   
Keep it minimal - Nothing creates a sense of calm like a room that’s organised and free of clutter, so your home office needs to be the last place for things like yoga mats, unused instruments, discarded toys… You get the idea.
Choose your chair wisely - Too often our office chairs are the last thing we think about when decorating, but it’s definitely worth investing the time to find something that not only allows you to sit for as long as you need, but complements the overall look of the room.  
But of course, the Warralily way of life isn’t all about work. Out here, there’s always time for a quick stroll to the coffee shop or an excursion to the beach. If you’re thinking about making the move, check out our properties for sale today. 

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