Dodgeball - A Growing Community Within Our Community

Published Wed 03 Apr 2019

Local resident Rachel Dawson is the trailblazer behind the Dodgeball sessions at Armstrong Creek School on Tuesday nights, a dynamic and fun way to get fitter and meet new people.

Dodgeball - A Growing Community Within Our Community “I started out to just have some fun and try something new. Little did I know how much more I would get out of it. I’ve lost weight (10Kg), I’m fitter, stronger and having a really great time. I’ve joined a warm welcoming community and find myself busy most nights playing socially or competitively. It’s really something that caters for all interests and abilities, now I’m dragging my friends along too!” Heath Puddefoot. New player at Barwon Dodgeball Association.
Not just a game…..
The long term objective of the World Dodgeball Association (WDA) is to become an official Olympic and Paralympic sport, in the next 12 – 16 years. With approximately 5 million participants across 65 nations the future growth of this sport depends on grassroots participation from sessions just like the one Rachel runs on a Tuesday night.
Did you know Australia is ranked number 1 in the world in the Women’s category and third in both the Men’s and Mixed?
If you are new to the world of dodgeball it focuses on the fun factor, its community is accepting, friendly and non-judgemental. Similar to the Ultimate Frisbee or the Roller Derby crowd Dodgeball, has a dedicated following of people who may be looking to connect with like-minded people, escape the mainstream sports or just try something different.
On top of increasing your social network and sense of achievement through participation and learning new skills the sport can also
  • Increase agility and balance
  • Improve cardiovascular health, upper body strength and flexibility
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Promote weight loss
  • Develop fast reflexes
“I love that anyone can wander in and play dodgeball if they wanted to. Normally people will be good at 1 skill (catching, dodging or throwing), but if they continue to play they end up a complete player in no time.” Rachel Dawson.
She certainly is a passionate advocate for all things dodgeball….
More About Armstrong Creek’s Dodgeball Guru
Rachel’s been dodgeball- ing for about ten years and in that time represented Australia four times at the 2014 Hong Kong, 2015 Las Vegas, 2016 Melbourne and 2018 Los Angeles Dodgeball World Championships. Through her sporting career she has racked up an impressive resume of achievements too, including;
  • Winner 2014 Asia Pacific Invitational in Wellington (mixed division)
  • Winner 2016 Asia Pacific Invitational in Christchurch (mixed division)
  • 2016 Asia Pacific Invitational MVP
  • 2015 World Dodgeball Championship Silver Medallist in Las Vegas
  • 2014 Geelong Indoor Sports Dodgeball Best & Fairest Winner season
  • 2018 Mixed dodgeball grand final MVP Summer Season
  • Geelong Wolfpack (Victorian Dodgeball League) representative 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018
PHEW! It’s fair to say she’s pretty awesome at this Sport!

When we asked her what her motivations were for starting up the social drop-in sessions she said,
“I enjoy the competitiveness at the higher levels of Victorian Dodgeball League and the National level. Social league is a time for me to catch up with friends and have fun at the same time.”
If that’s not enough to inspire you to get along to one of her sessions check this out…
Rachel has been the Geelong Wolfpack coach since the beginning of 2018 and this year has been appointed the Head Coach of the Australian Women’s National Dodgeball Team.

Want to play?
7:30pm Tuesday night at Armstrong Creek School is the place to be now that Barwon Dodgeball hold their Drop-In Dodgeball sessions here.
Just rock up! Everyone is encouraged to have a have a go (15+). The first part of the session focusses on players learning the rules of dodgeball in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and ends with a mini game of Dodgeball.
“Our club is inclusive and just want to share what we have with the community. There is always be a friendly face to have a chat to on Tuesday nights.” Rachel Dawson.
If you would like more information on Barwon Dodgeball Drop In Sessions please contact Rachel Dawson or check out the facebook page

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