Barwon Heads VS Torquay

When: Mon 22 Aug 2016
Barwon Heads VS Torquay


Best Beaches

Firstly the beaches of the Victorian Surf coast are famous the world round. Torquay’s celebrated beaches are rare natural wonders, with something to offer all walks of life. There’s the main Torquay Surf Beach being the most well-known along the esplanade, linking hospitality to the sand. Ideal for families and the casual beach goer.

Tucked away east of Torquay’s main drag is the quiet Breamlea beach, appealing to those seeking a more organic coastal experience. As we head even further east along the Torquay esplanade we find uncharted territory for many and for others their spiritual getaway, Point Impossible Nudist Beach. It wouldn’t be a true surf coast town blog without a nudist beach in the mix. Not for all people, this quaint nudist beach offers solidarity in reclusion for those brave enough to don their birthday suits.
Barwon Heads main beach offers the best of small coastal town living. The relaxing old-world shoreline masterfully runs along the Barwon River, at its point opening to an endless body of ocean. The river creates a gentle beachside spot for families and its calmer waters are ideal for little tots exploring the beach for the first time. The natural landscape is often scattered with fisherman, small boats and families all taking the day soaking in the sea air forming a quintessential vision of Australian culture.  

Foodie Heaven

Both Barwon Heads and Torquay hold award winning eateries worthy of the settings they find themselves in, with dining overlooking breathtaking coastal views. The markets and produce locally made and owned in Torquay are second to none. Pioneering the in vogue organic foodie culture with their renowned sourdough breads, homemade jams and all delicious and decadent treats a gourmet might seek, Torquay is unmatched for feasting delights. Top eats include Real Thai, Café Moby and The Pond Café and the best fish and chips can be found at Fisho’s

Barwon Head’s eateries too would seduce the gourmet and artist alike, no place more satisfying then the renowned ‘At the Heads’ restaurant. Overarching the ocean, the panoramic sea views can be enjoyed in the most tranquil of settings with a glass of red, grazing plate and live local music.  The main street is peppered with unique and cool casual dining places and gourmet providores, Top eats include Annie’s Provedore, The Barwon Heads Hotel and Barwon Orange.

The experience of either surf side town is the perfect way to relax the day away. With the Warralily Boulevard continuing all the way through from Torquay Highway and Barwon Heads Road either one is brought to your doorstep, only a short drive away. Discover Victoria’s coastal towns, all accessible from Warralily.      

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