Tell Us About Yourself - Claire Almond

Published Tue 26 Feb 2019

Hi Guys! I’m Claire and have been apart of the Warralily Team for over a year now. I’ve always lived in Geelong and honestly always will. I love health and fitness, personal development, Christmas, dad jokes, shoes, and above all else, my family.

Tell Us About Yourself - Claire Almond I started working at Warralily a couple of years after going through the experience of buying land and building my own house with my partner, Michael. I initially was a passionate helper to the enthusiastic team here, and have since learned so much about the building journey and have loved now been apart of so many people’s experiences in purchasing in the estate.

Where have you worked before Warralily?

My background has always been in the health and fitness industry and I still run my own business at The Geelong Lifestyle Centre in Newtown. We support people with health goals, community fitness, mindset, personal development and leadership. I love helping someone not only set goals, but also build a solid plan to help them achieve it.
What do you love about working at Warralily?

The people! Being apart of the journey with someone from when they make the decision to choose a patch of land, to visualising what their home will look like, feel like, and all the memories they will create there.
I’m a passionate learner of new things, new experiences and people, and have continued to learn with the inspired team at Warralily. We’re serious about what we do, but never forget to have fun along the way.

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