Stages of Home Construction

Published Mon 30 Jan 2017

So, you have made the decision to build in Warralily, you have chosen your village (Coast, Prom, Central), you have picked a lot that suits your preferred house, your budget, timeframe and lifestyle. Congratulations!
Now once your lot settles, you get to watch your dream become a reality as your home comes out of the ground.

Stages of Home Construction
The pre-site process varies from builder to builder, so please confirm with them the exact process. Generally, you need to show your builder proof that you have settled on your land, your conveyancer will provide this confirmation. Once the builder has confirmation you have settled they can then get your building permit approved through the council, the time for this to be approved can normally be 2-4 weeks but once again it depends on the builder. While this is, all happening, your builder would have been out on site to conduct a soil test.

Just a note, in brackets after each stage I have listed the percentage figure your bank would normally draw down on you loan after each stage. Below add up to 95%, with the remaining 5% having already been paid as your original builder deposit.

The first visible thing to happen will be your water tapings (normal & recycled) will appear at the front of the lot, the next step will be your builder will carry out a site cut, install plumbing for your home and then pour your slab this is the BASE STAGE (20%) FYI – this is a really exciting bit, don’t stress though if you think they have poured the wrong slab as I did, it’s won’t start to look the correct size until you have walls.
Just to backtrack slightly, the time it takes to build your home generally won’t account for the time you settle on the land till the time your builder carries out your site start – make sure you allow sufficient holding costs to cover this time, some builders will be out on site within weeks of you settling on your lot, my builder has advised me it will take 12 weeks, that’s 3 months of interest payments I need to account for prior to construction starting.

The 2nd stage of construction is the FRAME (20%), this is even more exciting because then you can start to work out the location of rooms, your vision is starting to materialize before your eyes.

The 3rd stage is LOCK UP (25%), your brick work, roof and internal walls are all in place and your house will now at least from the outside look like your house, minus some of the external finishing touches such as render.

The 4th stage is FIXING (20%), this is the stage where all the pretty things start to happen, inside and outside your new home. These will include doors being hung, external rendering, plumbing fixtures, flooring, painting and cabinetry. You are nearly to the finish line; all your hard work is about to pay off.

The 5th stage is HAND-OVER Or COMPLETION (10%), this is when you get to go through your new home with your builder to confirm everything is as it should be. Make sure to go through the property thoroughly as you want to confirm all the finer details e.g. the paint work is to your satisfaction. All your shiny new appliances will then either have just gone in or will go in just before you get the keys.

Just remember that after you move into your new home, you may have a couple of little teething issues arise, this is normal as your house settles in. Your builder will have a maintenance period after handover, make a note of any things that arise and you can discuss these with you builder when they pop back out, this may be between 3-6months after handover.

Make sure you enjoy the process – it should be a positive, memorable experience. Lastly if you should require any assistance, please let us know, our sales team are there to assist you for the entire journey.

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