At Geelong Lutheran College, 'The Whole Child' Learns And Thrives

Published Thu 14 Jan 2021

What does your child want to be? How can we help them be their very best? At Geelong Lutheran College, finding the answers to such questions is key to the learning and growing process from day one.

At Geelong Lutheran College, 'The Whole Child' Learns And Thrives As Principal Sue Ellis explains, “Seeing every child as unique and a child of God ensures that we see the whole child - their talents, gifts, areas of strength and areas of challenge. With that knowledge, we can best help each student to direct their energies, optimise their talents and be their very best.”
To Principal Ellis, providing a warm and nurturing culture of respect and Christ-centred learning helps inspire students to be caring, confident and creative citizens. “When children feel they belong and feel safe, their capacity to learn is greater.”
To that end, she continues, “We offer a range of engaging, hands-on and inquiry directed learning opportunities. The aim is for students to willingly explore their own unique place in the world and their individual responsibility in it.” 
The GLC Armstrong Creek campus, established in 2009, is co-educational and has developed separate Primary, Middle and Senior sub-schools to cater to students from Prep through to Year 12.
The primary classroom, a nurturing and supportive learning environment, lays an excellent educational foundation with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy.
Middle School students develop their ability to be analytical and critical thinkers, applying abstract thought, skills and knowledge to the world in which they live. In facilitating their transition to senior schooling, Year 9 students choose from a wide variety of elective subjects including German, Arts, Technologies, Health, Sciences and Commerce.
Year 10 students have the opportunity to sample a VCE or VET subject and experience its procedural and administrative requirements.  In Year 11 and 12, both VCE and VCAL pathways are offered, with a range of subjects across all faculty areas. 
The school’s sporting program provides opportunities for all students to be involved in competition, from beginner to advanced levels.  Extracurricular activities also include music, service learning, robotics and debating.
Like Warralily itself, Geelong Lutheran shares an emphasis on sustainability. School-wide practises include minimising waste, saving energy and water, promoting biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The school also coordinates various activities with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee and the Stephanie Alexander Garden Project.
A direct ‘fence-line neighbour’ to Warralily, the school gives residents yet another great option for their children’s education. For many, it’s within walking and cycling distance and is also within easy reach of Warralily’s new Grange neighbourhoods at Mount Dunned.
For more information:
Address: 2 - 38 Burvilles Road, Armstrong Creek
Phone: 03 5264 1038
* This is another in a series celebrating our many fine local schools.

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