Styling Your New Home

Published Mon 20 Jul 2020

Let’s look at some simple ideas that can have you feeling proud as punch of your new home.

Styling Your New Home In a world full of #pantrygoals and insta-worthy cushion placement, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to find the perfect blend between what looks good, feels good, and practically works for your home, particularly on a budget (hello, kmart!)

Let’s look at some simple ideas that can have you feeling proud as punch of your new home
  1. Function first.
There are so many things that look perfect, but just don’t make sense for how you may live.
As you choose your furniture, appliances and all of the décor details, feel free to take the longest amount of time in thinking about your day. Where do the kids play? What is the busiest part of your home? What are the household items you use most? As you piece it all together, your home can find the perfect blend of function and beauty
  1. Find your style
Introducing the wonderful world of Pinterest! Get ready to go down the rabbit hole of #stylevibes. Looking online, display homes or even friends houses can give you some amazing inspo.
Finding your style often means that it will take some time to find all of the pieces that suit.  Stores like kmart, target and big w are wonderful to find envious options at an inexpensive price tag.
Some great instagram pages for home ideas are below!
  1. Get organised!
Grab your label maker, things are about to get really exciting!
One of the best things about moving to your new home is the chance to reset. Doing a big cleanout before you leave your current house is a great way to think about what you really need.
Staying organised often comes back to setting the foundations from the start. Drawer dividers, vanity storage and a whole lotta labels are just a few of the things that can give you peace of mind to know that everything has their place.
Some instagram organising inspo is below!
Share the journey with us! Tag @Warralily to show us your new home style

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