Sullies Kiosk - Coffee at its best

Published Wed 12 Jun 2019

Fresh food, all day breakfast, great people AND hand roasted specialty coffee - what more could you want from a local coffee shop

Sullies Kiosk - Coffee at its best Sullies Kiosk soon became a neighbourhood fav when it opened in November 2017. Their crisp, coastal interior design matches the fresh menu delighting all the senses.
“It’s a breath of fresh air when you walk in there…
such an inviting space to meet with friends or get your coffee fix for the day.” A sullies regular boasts. 
The owners Maria and Emma are a mother and daughter duo who are so passionate about their venture “we absolutely love hospitality and love working together as a family”
“Creating a space that’s comfortable and relaxing for everyone is really important to us. We love being able to keep changing it up and create new flavours to better our product and service.”  
“Why Sullies?” I asked when I was in getting my daily caffeine hit, Emma’s reply was so cool “We wanted to go for a name that was a bit of fun and had a life of its own”
It certainly has its own character!
Cheeky coffee slogans each day entice you in to get a hit of the boutique Vader coffee blend from Axil coffee roasters (established in Hawthorn), couple that with a Chicken, avocado and pumpkin salad (the locals favourite) or better yet, their cakes and your tummies are satisfied!

If you’re picky like I am about the milk that makes a coffee perfect for you, I think it’s also worth slipping in here Sullies selection of lactose free, vegan friendly, almond, soy or coconut milks from Milk Lab, Bonsoy or Happy Happy Soy Boy.

Sullies is an open space for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s a business event, community meeting or birthday gathering Sullies will accommodate and let me tell you a little secret……. They also do outside catering! Many times we’ve enjoyed their plates of sandwiches, cakes and slices during “meetings”.
Sullies are dedicated to supporting and growing with the community “we have been open from the time the centre opened which has given us the opportunity to get to know everyone in the neighbourhood and really feel a part of this community’s history.” 
“We currently have an over 50’s group that meet everyone Monday afternoon which is exactly what we’re about! Providing a place for people to get together.”
Want to try Sullies Kiosk out for yourself?
Opening hours are 7am mon – fri 8am weekends closing 4pm each day
We have items ranging from $7-$19 (something for every budget/taste)
For bookings / cater / events contact - Emma Johnson Ph: 0409 288 493
Drop by if you would like to discuss any partnerships or uses for the space.
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