Getting to know Ben Stewart

Published Thu 30 Nov 2017

Let's get to know the sales team at Warralily.

Getting to know Ben Stewart Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ben Stewart, otherwise known as Mr Warralily or the Face of Warralily…..
When I started working in the Estate in August 2010 I had just moved into my first home with my wife and we had yet to start a family, we now have 3 beautiful girls. Spending time with them along with my awesome wife Jane would be my main passion.
We have also along with my mother in law have just completed construction of our first investment property which is in Warralily Promenade, with another one soon to title in Central.
I’m an avid self-experimenter who has dabbled in fasting, eating only sardines for lunch for twelve months, cold showers and flotation. I love exercise and meditation and if I had a dog, I would probably enjoy walking it along the beach. I’m also trying to teach myself French with limited success.

Where have you worked before Warralily?

My previous couple of jobs were in the Real Estate industry with stints with Barry Plant & Jens Gaunt, prior to this I was a hospitality geek with 7 years’ experience in a variety of places locally and overseas.

What do you love about working at Warralily?

I genuinely love coming to work every single day, we have an awesome team that above all else love helping people. It’s an awesome privilege to see a brand-new community grow from 0 to over 6000 residents, to see shops, schools and parks turn from proposed, to constructed and open. I’m extremely proud see the vision become reality!

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