Good thymes for Warralily Gardeners

Published Wed 09 Oct 2019

It seems activities involving gardening and sustainable living have become essential to our community culture. Over the years, Warralilian’s have naturally connected through communal gardening activities, holding regular clean up days in conservation spaces and park lands, celebrating the indigenous flora and fauna of our wetlands at events or volunteering at nearby community gardens.

Good thymes for Warralily Gardeners garden1.JPG

   Through the dedication of volunteers, the Warralily Community Garden Group are now well-established and active within our community and since the start of this year have organised over 20 events and volunteered approximately 200 hours to local planting days and building partnerships, all with a view to:
  • Increase social connections and communal activities
  • Promote sustainable lifestyles including waste management
  • Promote physical and mental health
  • Help families educate their children about fresh healthy foods
  • Provide a place and project for strengthening relationships in the community
  • Foster community pride and spirit
Did you know there’s a seed library in Warralily?


Promoting local vegetation (edible, indigenous and decorative) the seed library is accessible from Monday to Friday at the new Armstrong Creek East Community Hub. The seed library system is very simple, you can “borrow” seeds from the library when you are ready to plant, at the end of the growing season save some seeds from the plants and return a portion of the seeds to the library for others to enjoy…. EASY!
This is just one of the projects the Warralily Community Garden Group have initiated for our community to enjoy. Check out their recent renovation of the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre!

BEFORE………………….. AFTER!


Narana’s bush tucker tent is now a thriving kitchen garden which is served in the Narana Café’s dishes. You can learn more about the native plants by visiting the garden – the group have made it easy with their educational signage depicting how each plant was utilised in aboriginal culture.

Want to get Involved?

The group’s future goal is to establish an inclusive community garden space in Armstrong Creek to promote health and wellbeing, sustainable living and a means to develop a strong, connected community across all age groups and ability.
There are multiple projects and events on the go and they are always looking for new members. To get involved in projects, events or to join in the gardening conversations, search for their group on facebook @Community Garden Warralily, Armstrong Creek or email


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.

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